HOWO TRUCK introduction

HOWO is a series of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group. And is one of the main products of China National Heavy Duty Truck. HOWO truck produced by China National Heavy Duty Truck, the Chinese logo on the certificate is “HAO WO”, but in spoken language, very few people say that in the daily life exchange, everyone generally says HOWO, HOWO is the English logo”HAO WO”. It will only be used in export trucks. Because of the subtle relationship with the Volvo Group at the time, it was a “HAO WO” in the official venue.

Drive and maintenance

HOWO dump truck drive rear axle should pay attention to the following points in the driving and maintenance:

Keep the amount of oil in the lubricant

Keep the amount of oil in the lubricant and check it frequently during use. The amount of oil in the wheel reducer and the bridge main reducer. Lack of oil can cause early wear of moving parts and severe ablation. However, the lubricating oil is not so good, because excessive oil can cause high temperature and even oil leakage.

When the new truck is used for initial maintenance and replacement of the wheel reducer oil, the new wheel should be turned to the bottom of the oil drain screw when the new oil is filled. Fill the oil to the high level, and then screw the oil plug into the oil. Rotate the wheel several times repeatedly, then turn the wheel to the highest position of the oil drain plug and the oil plug on the lower half of the position. Open the oil plug and let the excess oil flow until the liquid level remains in the fuel plug. Install the fuel filler plug until the position.

There are two screw plugs on the rear axle housing: there is an oil drain plug at the bottom of the tooth pack, and there is a fuel plug on the near half of the tooth pack. The normal liquid level should always be at the height of the fuel plug.

The rear axle final drive and wheel reducer use API GL-5 grade, SAE85W/90 viscosity grade gear oil. Lubricating oil filling amount: 16.5 liters for the rear axle main reducer, 19.7 liters for the main axle reducer and about 3 liters for each wheel reducer.

Use differential lock correctly

The inter-wheel differential lock of the rear axle is that when the truck turns, the left and right wheels are automatically differential so as not to wear the tire and cause mechanical damage. When the truck slips into a smooth or muddy road and slips when the truck is unable to drive out, the differential lock is hung. At this time, the left and right axles become a rigid coupling shaft, and the truck will naturally drive out of the faulty road.

Note: When the HOWO truck exits the faulty road, the differential lock should be removed immediately; otherwise serious accidents such as severe tire wear and damage to the differential will occur.

Should be seriously avoided overload

The HOWO rear drive axle has a design capacity of 13 tons and a typical vehicle axle housing wall thickness of 16 mm. severe overloading and load concentration can cause deformation and tearing of the axle housing. In use, it must be loaded according to the load specified by the driving conditions.。

Assembly differential

If the couplings such as the differential and the driven gear are reassembled during maintenance, the Loctite thread locker must be applied to the coupling threads and tightened to the specified torque to ensure the locking bolts are locked. Do not force the abnormal noise when using it. It should be dismantled and repaired immediately.。

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